How it works

Reserve your space online with a $50 refundable deposit that goes toward any balance you may incur.

Then simply send us an email (or reply to your confirmation email) with when you would like us to deliver your packing material and we will schedule your appointment free of charge!

You pack up your belongings and we will arrive on the date previously chosen to pick up your things right from your front door! We take everything; suitcases, trunks, bikes, furniture & more! We will tabulate your final bill and give you an itemized receipt.

If you need help getting your items from your room please let us know and our friendly staff can make arrangements for an in room pick up for a small additional charge.

Delivery back to campus is included!

All pricing includes the FREE Double Wall – 48 lb Edge Crush Tested & 275 lb Busting Tested box, convenient curbside pickup, storage in our climate controlled warehouse for the time period chosen and delivery to campus!

We store anything!
Suitcases, duffel bags, furniture, chairs, plastic tubs and more!
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